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Our Story

For the past 10 years, HA Management & Consulting has provided business development and specialized business management consulting services to a diverse portfolio of clients based in the United States and globally. HA Management & Consulting (HAMC) defies geographical boundaries to procure superb professional services available in the global market; and, HAMC is organized to resource clients in a manner that fits their needs and does not compromise to ensure that the resources furnished are used precisely to achieve client-defined metrics of success. Recently, the firm evolved its business model and expanded its suite of services and now represents elite US private funding programs designed to partner with international public and private sector representatives focused on advancing community and economic development through the delivery of infrastructure projects, renewable energy, manufacturing, and more. To supplement its client resourcing offerings, HAMC carefully procures services from highly skilled associates, companies and individual professionals who provide services and resources that fully outfit US firms to meet the complex demands of international parties, particularly those representing emerging countries eager to benefit from the unparalleled expertise of US companies.  


What We Do


HA Management & Consulting LLC, is comprised of a team of exceptionally skilled professionals. We take pride in our approach to relationship development and have managed our relationships and our professional expertise to dramatically improve business management, operations, and profitability for each client. Our business model maximizes the implementation of streamlined solutions that answer the needs of the clients we serve.


Our Commitment

HA Management is committed to bringing innovative solutions to our clients with the highest
level of customer service to meet their needs. We have structured our capabilities and
management methods to help clients’ design and complete quality infrastructure projects,
services, resources, and products to selected locations globally.


Thank you for the interest in HA Management & Consulting LLC.



Angela Payne Guzman
President / CEO


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