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Capital Project Opportunites 

HA Management partners with elite US and International Firms seeking to expand their capacity to international markets. HAMC is seeking shovel ready Capital projects in all sectors to provide International Contracts, Project Development, New Technology and Funding: Go to the (Submit a Project) page for more information.


HA Management is seeking expertise/projects in the following sectors for Debt & Equity funding and development:



Renewable Energy


  • Solar Energy 

  • Hydro Electric 

  • Waste to Energy 

  • Wind Energy 

  • BioEnergy 





  • Development Projects

  • Energy

  • Hotel / Housing Development

  • Hospital Development

  • Airport Projects

  • Roads /  Bridges

  • Transportation projects

  • Petroleum





  • Real Estate - Commercial Only  

  • Technology 

  • Healthcare - Post R&D, Development Facilities  

  • Business Services/Manufacturing 

  • Energy (wind, solar, electric)  

  • Oil, Gas, Mining


National / International


  • Real Estate (including Hotels)  

  • Technology  

  • Business Services/Manufacturing  

  • Energy (wind, solar, electric)   

  • Oil, Gas, Mining 



Follow this link to submit a project to HA Management & Consulting


Tips for a Successful Opportunity Posting


  • Project Overview

  • Company description

  • Management Capabilities

  • Construction funding schedule / Funds disbursement timeline

Renewable Energy

Agriculture Projects

Healthcare Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Global Exports and Sales

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