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International News

HA Management has partnered with
Arkansas - Nigeria Economic Development Forum



The Arkansas - Nigeria Economic Development Forum is a high level networking think-tank  focused on improving healthcare delivery, Agricultural revamping, Educational Reform, and Infrastructure Development to greatly improve the Economic Development of a Nation.
The Embassy of The Federal Republic of Nigeria welcomes the opportunity to explore collaboration and partnerships between the State of Arkansas and Nigeria in furtherance of the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan which is premised on the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment into the various sectors of the Nigerian Economy. To date several partnerships have been formed in efforts to develop capital projects in Nigeria.

HAMC  Hosts Mayors from the Republic of Senegal
for Trade Mission with
City of Atlanta & Fulton County
International Partnerships (HA Hosts Senegalese Mayors Association)



HA Management and DCP hosts members of the Senegalese Mayors Association for the “Community Building Through International Partnerships Seminar. The Seminar was held October 14-20, 2012 at the Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham located at 1500 Parkwood Circle Atlanta GA.

This seminar is positioned as an International Framework for Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange. The seminar promotes international trade partnership and financing for capital projects.


Our goal is to showcase public and private partners to our international partners to expose them to elite US companies that set the standard for quality projects and services. Local partners had the opportunity to directly benefit from participating by showcasing local  projects and developing opportunities to secure private public partnerships with the Republic of Senegal through its mayors. Currently one of the private partnerships is in negotiations formulti million dollar  capital water distribution project as a result of this effort in Atlanta, Georgia.



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