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HA Management

& Consulting LLC.

How we began


For the past 10 years, HA Management & Consulting has provided business development and specialized business management consulting services to a diverse portfolio of clients based in the United States.



HAMC is organized to resource clients in a manner that fits their needs and does not compromise to ensure that the resources furnished are used precisely
to achieve client-defined metrics of success.

Our Work


HA Management & Consulting (HAMC)
defies geographical boundaries to procure superb professional services available in the global market. We have worked with State governments and international officials and private partners  to develop trade missions and strategic relationships for economic development.

Get in touch


HAMC would like to connect with national and international decision makers, particularly those represent-

ing emerging countries eager to benefit from the unparalleled expertise of US companies.

Map in Grass

World Invest Africa (WIA), an international marketing and business development consortium, that provides exclusive platforms and business models for US investors and private/public partners to discuss and structure business opportunities. WIA connects African delegates and companies responsible for the strategic management of their country’s resources and US investment for Africa's capital projects development. Additionally, WIA provides an ideal, non-commercial framework for the investment community to create and strategically leverage capital to support and advance the beneficial growth and development of Africa.


For more information to see if your project meets the requirements please submit your projects. 



  • African government business development and related support organizations

  • International business supportive services - Cybersecurity, project site security, housing, employee and personal services security

  • Economic development - Strategies to:

    • (1) Encourage increased US participation in African markets and improve the business climate for infrastructure development

    • (2) Introduce professional standards for superior project development and delivery

    • (3) Create and sustain local business partnerships

    • (4) Effect company-to-company mentoring

    • (5) Implement sustainable job training policies, initiatives, and programs

  • Country/Cultural Orientation for International Business Relations





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